At least one group has it figured out

St. Jacquestobersfest 2012

Michael St. Jacques is a brew meister of rare talent, and once a year he showcases this at an event call St. Jacquestoberfest. I attended the inaugural two years ago and for some reason was cynically excluded from the guest list for this year. That type of disrespect will not go unchallenged, so Mr. (and I use that term ever so lightly) St. Jacques was served notice that I would attend by force if necessary. It was, and so a proper military offensive (definitely the correct term) was mounted, the results of which can be seen in the video below. Suffice it to say that given the richness of the area in Civil War history it was an entirely appropriate assault.

There were a number of bloggers in attendance including some luminaries from the "no-longer-the-farm-team" This ain't Hell,TSO (who also burns poo for the American Legion) and the proprietor Mr. Lilyea. Mr. (ish) St. Jacques runs a blog called the Sniper that these days seems to specialize in pictures of scantily-clad women and Photoshops of poseurs (you are welcome for the traffic). A number of his co-bloggers were there as well. But the true star of the event was the amazing, lovely and completely incomprehensible Boston Maggie. She deigned to grace us with her royal presence, and we bowed and scraped as best we could given the fact that TSO was the only one who could decipher the obscure language she speaks. Great to see her regardless. There was one notable missing miscreant as our own Matty O' Blackfive had blathered greatly about his impending attendance and then failed to proerly execute an airborne infiltration, somehting about flight problems. BAH, a real man would have hijacked a plane. Anyhow, much fun was had by one and all, and I don't believe there were any arrests, which was a pleasant change.