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Make A Call For An Investigation

Rather than call out the pitchfork brigade, and risk Senor Lechero having vapors again, I'd like to ask you to contact corporate headquarters and ask them to look into something. This is making the rounds through Infantry channels and needs to be checked out. 

In Johnson City, TN, a Vietnam veteran went to the local Hooters with his service dog, who is trained to detect potentially fatal seizures.  Despite having papers showing it was a legitimate service dog, the vet was refused entry.  Police were called, and reportedly told the manager that he was open to civil action for refusing service.  Apparently they and the vet were told to bugger off. 

Now, reports are that a number of callers are getting different stories, or the manager in question simply hangs up on callers.  Given that, I think that Hooters Corporate needs to check this out.  So, ask them nicely to look into this:

Hooters of America, LLC
1815 The Exchange
Atlanta, GA 30339
GA Tel. 770-951-2040
Toll Free 866-225-4668
Fax 770-618-7032

[email protected]

While I don't think he needs to go play Undercover Boss again, I do think the CEO needs to be aware of this, look into it, and take what steps are needed.  This can and will hurt them unless corporate gets out ahead of it.