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Iran plans to patrol American coast with its Navy

As Clint Eastwood would say, "Go ahead, make my day".

The head of Iran's navy says the country aims to put its warships in international waters off the U.S. coast "in the next few years."

The comments Tuesday from Admiral Habibollah Sayyari on state TV are part of Iran's response to Washington's beefed up naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

I'm sorry, that's just funny stuff to me.

The obvious question is "why"? The obvious answer is "payback". That 's not much of a naval strategy, is it?

Payback? Hey, US, we can patrol your coast just like you patrol ours? Really?

Feel better, Iran?

My guess is it will just mean more work for our Coast Guard. No, not keeping them out of our territorial waters so much as rescuing disabled Iranian naval vessels. It's one thing to have a pop gun navy a few miles from your own shore. It's another to support a Navy with a global reach. Iran has experience close to home. But that's it.

My second guess is they'll base out of Cuba or Venezuela. That'll make things even more fun. Especially if Hugo flames out in the next few years and a more representative and less friendly government (less friendly to Iran) takes over.

But first the Iranians have to make good on their promise. And, well, that's probably years away if it ever happens.