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Gear Geek Post 2: Mojo

image stolen from MilitaryLuggage.Com

Last week, I introduced you to my new tactical briefcase provided by the wonderful folks at MilitaryLuggage.Com.  This week, thanks to them, I can say I have the Mojo.  As in the amazing MOJO bag from Voodoo Tactical.  To say that I am looking forward to using this huge 39x18x15 bag is an understatement.

NOTE:  Click on images for larger images.  Also, you really do want to put down food and drink and check out the video at the bottom of the MOJO bag page I linked.  Now, read on!

Top View

Now, I used their photo of the bag in place of mine as it does show things a bit better than my whole bag shot.  Frankly, I'm not sure I own enough pillows to fill this thing out to do that type of photo.  Roomy does not begin to describe it, nor does it do all the pockets justice.  This is a tac bag for the true tac (or pocket) geek. As good as this 10,530 cubic inch bag is right out of the box, it is also easily customizable thanks to 12 D-rings and an amazing amount of webbing. 

I can say that I'm not waiting for the embed to use it.  I have to go spend a few days at dear old Camp Blackadder soon (trust me, do not drink the wine of which they have an inexhaustable supply) and will be using this bag for that trip.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how much I can get into it, and to organizing all those "nice-to-have-handy" things in the various pouches. 


One end

The other end


The ends are not the end, if you will.  The pockets are large and well placed, and webbing allows modification and additions at need. 

Want to add yet more specialized pouches or just more room?  It is easy to do on the "back" side of the bag. 




The bottom has a few surprises, but is -- unsurprisingly -- rugged and well built.  What surprise you ask?

Open up the flaps and you have attachment points.  What would you want to attach there?




The shoulder straps might be a good start...




Inside, the bag is just as huge as you would expect. Frankly, having this much room is a dream, though I am sure I can fill it given the way I overpack.  Just call me Portena on that score.  By the way, you really do want to check out the video they have on the MOJO page, trust me.  Drink alert. 

The construction appears to be very rugged and designed for real use and not just show.  I admit I am a geek, and have a thing for pockets be it in/on my clothing or my gear.  I also love gear that admits that it is not the be all and end all, and allows you to adapt it for your specific needs.  When it comes to large gear/tactical bags, the MOJO has it hands down.  At $144.95, it is a good deal, and if you don't want it in multicam, check it out in black, coyote, and OD.  You can even get one on wheels in coyote; and, you can get mini-MOJOs in coyote and OD.

Based on some comments last week, remember that you can easily search MilitaryLuggage.Com by service branch or camo patter from the main page, and I can say their search the site function works very well.  When it comes to one-stop-shop for the best gear in any color or pattern, these are the people to hit.