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Charity You Should Know: Operation Bootstrap

[Note:  Like all charities that we post about, we believe in BOOTSTRAP and made a donation to the program.  Please help if you can.]

Background:  A few years ago, Uncle Jimbo posted about a new concept of how Yoga can help those with Post Traumatic Stress. Jimbo sent readers over to the Kitchen Dispatch to learn more. Now, BOOTSTRAP is launched and needs your help in supporting our troops.


BOOTSTRAP has been created by Eric Walrabenstein, himself a former U.S. Army Infantry Officer and now, a nationally-recognized expert in yoga and mind/body health.

To create this one-of-a-kind program, Eric has combined his years of experience in the military with his track record of using mind/body wisdom to heal thousands who have been exposed to severe psychological traumas.

Much more than the physical exercise that many associate with yoga, BOOTSTRAP combines yoga's lesser-known mental disciplines with proven practices from modern stress-management techniques to deliver a powerful healing experience—all customized for our troops and veterans.

Over three years in development, BOOTSTRAP is a home-based, curriculum-driven program melding modern stress-management strategies with the wisdom of yoga (no mumbo-jumbo, beads, or incense; just proven, practical techniques that get results). The ten-week program is specifically designed for the military audience and has been proven effective in less than one hour a day.

Because BOOTSTRAP will be deployed online, many of the obstacles to getting effective help through more traditional means are no longer an issue: long application processes, bureaucratic red tape, travel, appointments, waiting lines—and the fear of judgment and criticism…gone.

How can you help?

1. Please spread the word about BOOTSTRAP.

2. The team at BOOTSTRAP funded the development and launch, but putting the program into the hands of the hundreds of thousands in need is a colossal task.

Because our pledge is to never charge a fee to a troop or veteran in need, we are turning to all Americans to give back through Operation BOOTSTRAP.

So please visit and:

  • STEP 1: GIFT a minimum of One Day of Healing in the BOOTSTRAP program to a warrior in need—for only $3.
  • STEP 2: GATHER at least 10 friends who will support the effort by GIFTING and GATHERING too.

Funds raised will put the entire ten-week interactive program online and allow us to provide live ongoing support to those engaged in the healing process.

Last, as the online BOOTSTRAP Life Restore portal will be fully operational in the next few months, they are also accepting advanced requests for the program. Send troops in need of free help here: