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Book Review: 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate

The following review is a special from Elise Cooper for BlackFive readers.  You can read all of our book reviews by clicking here or on our Books category:

MikegallagherMike Gallagher’s latest book, 50 Things Liberals Love To Hate, is everything you wanted to know about Liberals but were afraid to ask.  Gallagher is the host of a national radio show, The Mike Gallagher Show, and a conservative political commentator.  Since only 20% of those polled call themselves liberal,
both Democrats and Republicans will like this book. It brings humor to todays politically charged environment.

This book is both humorous and informative.  The theme is that Liberals want to take away what Americans enjoy.  Included in his rundown are Walmart, Steakhouses, McDonalds, Flag Pins, Football, the V-8 Engine, Success, the Second Amendment, Freeways, the Military, and The Founding Fathers. The book starts off with Gallagher’s insightful description, “I learned that they spend a whole lot of time thinking about America’s faults, and how to correct them.  About America’s ills, and how to cure them.  Liberals love to hate things most Americans love, and spend the rest of their lives endlessly trying to take those things away from us.”

Right off the bat he lists McDonalds, but any fast food chain could be substituted.  Maybe New York Mayor Bloomberg should be given a copy of this book since he convinced the New York City Board of Health to ban sugary drinks (sodas, teas, and sport drinks) over sixteen ounces in fast-food restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, and other eateries. An excerpt from the book where his humor comes out loud and clear, ”Conservatives see a fat person and think: ‘Lay off the bread.  Take the stairs.  Would it kill you to have a salad once in awhile?’ Liberals see a fat person and think: ‘We should immediately pass laws forbidding this kind of obesity…’” He commented to BlackFive about this quote, “You would think New Yorkers would be absolutely outraged and in the streets that Mayor Bloomberg thinks that it’s the governments role to tell somebody what size container they can buy from a private establishment.”

He does not see McDonalds as bad but as “representing American ingenuity.”  Furthermore, it’s personal for him since his single mom and he had a tradition where every Christmas Eve they would go to McDonalds and have a Big Mac.

He is disgusted by their claim of supporting the soldier, not the mission.  In the book he discusses how “From the tribal wastelands of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the pirate havens of East Africa, the military of the United States is on a classic civil mission, daring to impose Western values upon indigenous cultures.  And keep Americans safe at the same time.” He directly noted, “What the American soldier lives by is peace through America’s fighting power. Instead of the liberal credo, ‘Give peace a chance,’ which is a really bad song by a guy who also imagined no heaven, and no countries. Liberals have the same contempt for today’s soldier as they did for the Vietnam veteran.”

Anyone who enjoyed these few tidbits will enjoy the whole book.  In 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate, Gallagher gets his point across, about liberal’s absurd ideas, with cutting irony and biting wit. For the humor alone people should read this book.