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The Speech I Would Give....

If I were Mitt Romney (or if it were up to me)....

Because in America, now is not the time for idle talk or half measures....

My fellow Americans.

I come before you today on this campaign to speak to you about why I am running for president.  I promise you I will do my best to temper my passion, but I will be passionate nonetheless.

But I want to tell you why I am asking for your vote; I believe in the idea that America is an exceptional country with exceptional people more than President Barack Obama does.

For too long now, Americans have watched as President Obama has promised that he would not raise taxes on ordinary Americans, yet he signed a Healthcare Bill into law that did exactly that.  He promised the fight the "good war" in Afghanistan, and then dithered for 9 months while American Soldiers on the field of battle paid for his inability to make a decision in blood; only to see that when he did decide what to do, he told our enemies exactly when we would stop fighting and exactly when we would start leaving.  We have seen our economy has continued for over 40 straight months with unemployment over 8 percent, but the unemployment rate in the African American community is double that at 16 percent and the Hispanic Americans are at 12 percent and many Americans have just given up.

My number one priority about 15 minutes after my inauguration will to start doing everything I can to get government out of the way of those that want to create jobs and get jobs.  I want to ask everyone here; have you ever seen the face of someone who has just gotten a job?  Have you seen what it means to them?  How they feel when someone has noticed their worth and wants their skills?  As a job creator, I can tell you that it is the most humbling and gratifying feeling in the world is to tell someone who has put on that suit and come down to your office for that interview and worked so hard to be prepared "You're Hired."

I can tell you that as President, I will put all of my effort toward being the kind of leader that solves these problems and doesn't spend my time blaming the failure of any of my efforts on ATM Machines, tsunamis, earthquakes, monetary problems in Europe or as he does most times when actually confronted about the economy in the press, the work of his predecessor.  This I will promise you right now, the fault of my failures as president will lie with me; because being a leader means you don't just get to take the easy ones; you have to take the hard ones too.

And that is the rub of it with the current President.  He isn't a leader.  He wants all the easy ones, but won't take on the hard ones too.  He wants credit for his courageous decision to kill Osama Bin Laden, but he wants none of the blame for the bad decisions he has made as President on the economy.  This country is the biggest deal he has been a leader of in his life. And being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful and free nation on earth is not the place to start learning how to be a leader and make tough decisions.

And Mr. President, let me remind you, you didn't do that.  SEAL Team 6 did that.

President Obama believes that the people that have wealth in this country somehow got that wealth by exploitation of others and not hard work.  When he says "you didn't build that" he insults every business owner in America, and especially small business owners.  He has never had to worry about making payroll, increasing sales, rebuilding after disaster, laying off employees or dealing with ever present and onerous regulations that seem to get piled on more and more, year after year.  When he says that "you didn't build that" he is just wrong.  You did build that, and I know you did.

You paid the taxes that paid the private contractor to build the road that goes past your business.  You paid the business license fee that supported the building inspectors that came out and ensured your fire suppression system was in compliance with the building codes.  You bought the trucks from the car dealership down the road that deliver your products to the worksites of other small businesses all over town and paid for the training of your employees and 100 other things that make your business run everyday.

But President Obama doesn't know anything about that.  He just knows that if you make more than than 250,000 dollars a year doing what you do to support your family that somehow you aren't paying "your fair share," he wants you to pay more, because it isn't fair that others don't have the money you have.  

And how much is "your fair share" exactly Mr. President?  The top 1 percent of earners in America already pay 38 percent of all federal taxes.  Is it 40 percent of all the taxes?  Is it 70 percent?  I need him to give me a number so I can call my accountant.

And I also want to know, if being rich and successful at what you do is so wrong, why do people buy a lottery ticket?  And when did being successful make you someone others would not want to aspire to be like? 

Our forefathers laid out such a system of government for this republic as to be almost perfect, and they knew the power to tax was the power to destroy.  I think America is a country in which anyone with an idea and abilities can go as far as they want.  Businesses like Boeing have started out with two men working with only their own two hands and investing all of their money to make an idea a reality.  As President, I will do everything in my power to make businesses feel welcomed and appreciated; not villified and maligned.  I am also going to stop spending more money than we have; because we cannot continue to believe that we can spend ourselves out of debt and tax ourselves to prosperity.  

But my number one mission right after the economy is the repairing of our relations with our friends in the world.  I am going to focus my efforts on what America can do to repair our relationship with our allies overseas.  

America hasn't always been right.  We are a country who has leaders who are only human, and humans can make mistakes, they can support the losing side, they can make a friend that turns out to not be very friendly.  In America though, we don't return the gifts of those friends who express their support to us in a time of need because the President in power wasn't popular.  We don't turn on friends like Israel whose freedom is under attack and tell them to temper their efforts to protect themselves while saying nothing to those attempting to destroy that freedom.  When I am President, we will support our allies. 

As you can see my fellow Americans, the times we face ahead are tough, and our future is uncertain, but now is not the time for idle talk and half measures.  America under this President has only created one job as far as I can tell, and that is the job opening for the next President. 

I give you my solemn promise that I will do what it is that Americans do, and I will call on all Americans to help me do what Americans do;  Roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, make hard choices, move the country forward, lead the way and crack on.

Thank you and I am asking for your vote in November.