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The Real 1% - Marine John F. Kelly's Speech at the American Legion

"Hell, these are Marines. Men like them held Guadalcanal and took Iwo Jima. Baghdad ain't shit." - Major General (at the time) John F. Kelly to a reporter who asked him if he ever contemplated defeat.

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Drew from Ace of Spades is attending the American Legion's annual conference in Indy today and he posted video of USMC LtGen John Kelly's speech to the Legionnaires.  We've long been supporters of Marine John Kelly on this blog. You can Google Blackfive and John Kelly to see what I mean. I'd walk through the gates of hell carrying a five gallon can of JP8 if he asked me to. Here is what Drew had to say about the speech:

The best speech given yesterday wasn’t by Ann Romney, Chris Christie or even Arthur Davis. With all due respect to them (I mean that sincerely, not snarkily), the best speech given yesterday wasn’t even delivered in Tampa. It was delivered to the American Legion here in Indianapolis by Lt. General John Kelly (USMC).

“The Real 1%” wasn’t the title of Genera Kelly’s address but it could have been. In a speech that was alternatively motivating and moving (it wasn’t allergies, I was tearing up), the General covered a wide variety of topics...
Go over Ace's place and watch the speech. It's worth your time.