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Sympathy for the Sikhs

The killings in Wisconsin are a sad and horrific thing. The people killed are among the most peaceful on this planet, members of a religion born to avoid conflict between Muslims and Hindus.They deserved better and our hearts go out to them.

Their killer seems to have been a serial loser and a pretty unsavory scumbag. The press has found two ways to characterize him, a military veteran and a member of some pathetic racist bands. As to the first, it appears that he was booted from the Army for being a loser and served in no wars or did much of anything. That would seem like a good reason to drop that line of inquiry, but don't hold your breath.They may mouth the words "respect the troops" but deep down there is a current of distrust and dislike of the military that runs deep in the press.

As to the second, well that certainly fits in with the serial loser lifestyle. But why do we have the immediate connection between his white power douchebaggery and his heinous act? How long was it before MAJ Hassan Akbar's Islamist extremism was even mentioned? If it ever really has been. That was a case of workplace violence according to the military. The guy slaughtered our troops yelling "Allahu Akbar" and we were told his religion had nothing to do with it. BS!

I think it is pretty damn likely that this waste of protoplasm in Milwaukee was acting out his deranged racist views. I think it is even more likely that Akbar was killing infidels for the glory of Allah. F**k both of them. The media should either treat those cases the same or keep their cakeholes closed!