Marine Infantryman on R.O.E. in Afghanistan
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Stolen Valor Awards Last Day to Vote!

Over at This Ain't Hell (the Pro team), TSO has announced the Fecal Two in the Stolen Valor Awards.  You have less than a week day to go and cast your vote.  Be sure to check out the top ten fun facts about each candidate.  Includes gems like:

1. Lists favorite quotes as passages from the Bible, and then this not-so-Biblical inspiration: “you dont wont to be dancing horizontally and getting rust on the tools when you could have used dong bags!!!” -Tom Skalkos.

2. While every Marine is an Infantryman, not every infantryman can peel potatoes while his men go into battle after he himself got out of it by engaging in improper acts.

3. Thinks that Afghanistan can be fixed by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: “The Pakistani people have a vested interest in not destabilizing their own country, so they’ll help out,” he explained. “Iran is being plagued with the heroin trade, [so] they have a vested interest in securing their borders and destroying the poppy fields. Saudi Arabia … there’s not a country that loves their Islamic brothers more than them.”...

So go vote here now!