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President Obama to be made honorary Green Beret

The awesome Duffleblog has the scoop:

Fort Bragg, NC – The White House Press Office announced today that President Obama will soon be inducted into the Special Forces Association and receive an honorary Green Beret.

Officials have said the honor will be bestowed in an upcoming September 11th ceremony at Fort Bragg.
“The President has in fact already received his Trident from the SEAL community,” said Carney. “He was honored to accept the insignia during a private ceremony in California, a week after his gutsy call where he singlehandedly took out bin Laden.”

When Carney was asked who had initiated the calls for President Obama to be given the illustrious honors, he hesitated before replying, “we’ll dig into it.”...

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I just got off of the phone on a conference call with Jimbo.  He's mailing his beret back to the schoolhouse cut up into little tiny pieces...

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that the Duffleblog is the Onion of the military.  This is SATIRE, people, very good satire...