Tragedy At Stars Earn Stripes
Obama's Gitmo Blues

Obama attacks special operators for fronting him out

Obama has used the military for political purposes his entire regrettable tenure as Commander Campaigner in Chief. He first sent a faux surge, complete with built in expiration date, into Afghanistan to cover his cocky campaign promises. He had no intention of really trying to win there, he simply needed to make sure he could say he tried. Well he tried and troops died, lots of them. And now we are cutting and running and our people are getting slaughtered on a daily basis by our Afghan "allies, who are smart enough to know that when we leave the Taliban will be back in spades.

His pitiful end zone dancing over bin Laden's death has made him even more of a mockery among the men who actually did kill bin Laden. And probably tied for most disgraceful with the faux surge has been the plethora of politically-motivated leaks from the O inner circle that have done tremendous damage to our national security, our ability to conduct the missions that keep us all safe, and the lives of those who conduct them and their families.

Now he is being called out for those shameful attempts to possum a ride on the backs of our special operators while waving a Obama 2012 flag. A group called the Special Operations OPSEC Team put out a 22 minute film pointing out just how much damage has been done with this. Is is surprising that the response is STFU Barry? The active duty military is forbidden from talking smack about the civilian "leader" who sits in the situation room with political tools in both ears telling him when and where the war dogs should be loosed for maximum advantage to his re-election. Foreign Policy quoted me on this topic in a recent piece.

Jim Hanson, a former Special Forces Weapons NCO who writes for the military blog Blackfive, worries that the civilian-military gap enables the politicization of national security: although this "problem is larger and predates the current is hard to hear the stories from uniformed folks currently serving about how the political officials weigh in regularly on how national security decisions could affect Obama's polling."

This ad from a while back does a particularly good job of pointing out that nobody remembers seeing Barry on the chopper to Abbotobad, but more importantly running around bragging about it is low.

Well Barry's team never had any real respect for the knuckle-dragging troglodytes who he sent out to attempt to give him some tough guy cred and get him some campaign fodder by acting as cannon fodder. The reaction to this legitimate concern about our security shows the disdain they have.

Taking a direct shot at the leaders of OPSEC, an Obama campaign official lambasted the group's accusations about national security leaks this morning. “No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues and on what impact these leaks might have," said the official, speaking on background, "and it’s clear they’ve resorted to making things up for purely political reasons.”
Making stuff up for purely political reasons, Really? Seriously that is your response, to call them liars? And to do so anonymously? Well that part makes sense, the odds of a gutless, spineless political tool standing up and calling those guys, us guys and other folks who are in a position to make those claims, liars is pretty slim. The Swift Boat reference is actually pretty legitimate, though. The ads that former comrades of John Kerry put out accurately portrayed Kerry as a glory hound punk who spent four months in Vietnam, picked up three extremely sketchy Purple Hearts, shot a bunch of reenactments of his exploits for home movies, and then headed out long before his tour was up to try to become the reincarnation of JFK. So Swift Drone away on the mighty Osama Slayer's wafer-thin resume and phone book thick record of using it for his own aggrandizement.