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Meet MilitaryLuggage.Com

In a post last week, I noted that the game was afoot.  There are some things going on, and it is my pleasure to introduce you this morning to a company that is helping make things happen (and not just here):

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Let's face it, there is gear and then there is gear -- the stuff that works, works well, and lasts.  Now imagine that there was a place that used their expertise to get not one name, but a collection of gear that is available at the best price possible with a determination to get it to you quickly and inexpensively. Nor is that all they want to do for troops and veterans.  In their own words:

Military Luggage Company was born out of the vision of providing all
branches of the Military with the best and most comprehensive selection of
bags, packs & cases for field operations, travel & casual use.

Since we have prior Military on staff, we have a good insight into the needs
of all branches and are focused on providing outstanding gear at reasonable
prices.  We are also focused on speedy shipping and even though we currently
stock 581 different products, we currently have a 99.4% fill rate in orders
shipping out the same day they were placed.

We do not wish to neglect any branch or extension of the Military so we have
separate sections on our site for Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast
Guard, National Guard, & ROTC.  In addition due to the fact that Law
Enforcement and Homeland Security work with the Military, we also have
sections for them.

We are currently a start up so at the moment we have one retired Military
member on staff and 1 veteran. As we grow, we would like to employ more
prior Military as it our sincere desire to create well paying jobs for those
who have served doing something they will enjoy (who wouldn't enjoy being
around the best gear all day long).

Our entire team is very passionate about serving those who serve us and we
are all inspired to give our absolute best as we build the country's largest
bags, packs & cases superstore for the Military in

Jobs for vets is an important issue for me, and one that we are working at Cooking with the Troops.  That this company is wanting to grow and hire veterans as a part of making that happen makes this sponsorship even better. 

One other thing that says a lot of good about them is that they want to talk about the company, not one or two individuals.  As they note, they plan to grow and that takes a team -- and it does not do a team good to have one or two people in the spotlight all the time. 

I can also tell you that they are not joking about the stock they have or how fast they can get it to you.  The items they sent me were here within a couple of days without expediting shipment, and I felt like a kid at Christmas when it arrived.  In the weeks ahead, I am going to be introducing you to some of that gear, and later I'm going to talk about how well it does under a variety of conditions. 

I'm really looking forward to this, and want to thank for their support in what is to come. 


For those of you on Facebook (not all, we know), go check them out and help them reach 10,000 likes.