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Israel responsible for Palestinian failure

Well of course the dirty Joooos are the reason the peace-loving tolerant Palestinians are unable to build and maintain a Middle Eastern Shangri-La. Palestinian corruption is the only kind that can make Rahm Emanuel and Obama's practitioners of the Chicago Way applaud in stunned appreciation. But unsurprisingly, you can read here how the Israelis are the reason for the abysmal state of the Palestinian non-state.

Foreign aid to Palestine is desperately in need of rethinking. Wittingly or not, external aid facilitates Israel's occupation, enables an inept Palestinian leadership to survive, and subverts much of Palestinian civil society.

I actually agree with the last two points, but she is not arguing for a cut off of aid due to the fact that far too much of it simply funds lavish lifestyles of the kleptocrats who comprise the Palestinian Authority. Nope, she is saying that the Israelis have too much control over it, which stops the Palestinians from using it the way they ought. I assume if the Israelis stopped trying to influence the situation, the aid money could fund a "Joooos into the Sea" work project to put into action the propaganda their schools currently teach their kids. Here is a really telling problem in this dysfunctional dystopia.

Facing a severe cash shortage -- which is not unusual -- the PA was recently unable to pay the salaries on which an estimated one million bureaucrats and their families rely.

The cash made its way to Dubai and other havens, where the Palestinian power elite go to live large. But did you catch the number of bureaucrats on the dole? A million. Good gravy there are only four million Palestinians total according to the World Bank. If one quarter of your population is parasitic looters and moochers you have identified the problem and it is not wearing yarmulkes.

The Palestinian problem is really pretty simple. They f**ked up, they trusted the Arab leaders in 1948 who told them they would have those pesky Jooos swept into the sea in a matter of weeks, then months, then years, then decades.They tried by war in '48, '56,'67,'73 and in every meeting of the UN General Council since then. How is that working out? Well the UN piece has been pretty effective, the war part not so much.  They could have chosen to coexist peacefully in a land where both Arabs and Jews had lived since they first began writing the big dusty books that now sit in libraries. Instead they packed up so the Arab military juggernaut could finish what the German one had failed to do.

The Israelis have given citizenship to the Arabs who live in their country. The Palestinians have given parties to families of suicide bombers. If the Palestinians want the world to help, then they need to quite their evilly Quixotic quest to rule the land from the River to the Sea, accept the reality that is the state of Israel and get on with creating a worthwhile existence for their people.