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The Real 1% - Marine John F. Kelly's Speech at the American Legion

Book on bin Laden raid

I haven't read it yet, but the first bits from the book written by a SEAL who was on the bin Laden raid are out. Guess what, my opinion remains that he still shouldn't have written the book. When the book was first announced, I ripped the guy a new one for writing it, and I caught a fair amount of flak for that. Most of the arguments failed to address the reason I am against its publication. It is wrong to talk about it, period.

That is why I have consistently ripped the Obama team a new one for all of their politically-motivated leaks of info about the raid and far too many other national security operations. It is wrong to talk about it, period. That is why I support the OPSEC group that is telling the Obama team to stop jeopardizing our national security. It is wrong to talk about it, period. That is why I agree with former Sec Def Gates when he told the leakers to STFU! It is wrong to talk about it, period. Have I made myself clear?

I don't care if the SEAL wanted to correct misconceptions, that is not his job. I don't care if he wanted to point out that Obama used this for political purposes. That didn't require a book, it was common knowledge. I don't care if he was leaving the teams and needed to support his family. That doesn't justify breaking your word and exposing your comrades to danger. I have a hard time even caring that al Qaeda put a price on his head, he pretty much asked for that. And writing that bin Laden got ventilated while aready shot through the head and lying on his back is not really helpful either, buddy.

The fact that both Obama and Biden take well-deserved shots in this book doesn't justify writing it. The Commander in Chief needs to be able to trust that missions he authorizes are carried out and kept quiet by those tasked to conduct them. The fact that this CinC has flagrantly violated his side of that agreement doesn't mean the operators are free to violate theirs. Do we want some left wing SEAL during a Republican administration leaking info about operations against Iran? It is wrong to talk about it, period. Under Obama, Romney or whoever else is sitting in the boss man's chair.