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Anyone Want An Embed?

UPDATE:  No longer looking for an embed this fall, just in help in making it happen.  My thanks to all who contacted, and some amazing things are in work. 

The game is afoot, and it is time I came clean on at least part of what is going on.  A few weeks ago, I was approached about a possible long-term embed next year, and probably scared the person who contacted me with how hard I pounced on it. 

The fact is, had I not made some committments that could not be broken, I might have continued with embeds when I went to Iraq a few years ago.  Now, I find myself free to do so, and am moving as fast and as hard as I can on it.  I'm packing up, selling off, and otherwise preparing.

While things are in work, I thought it would be prudent to let you know what I was up to.  After all, some of you may have companies that might like to be sponsors, or otherwise help.  

I also thought it would be a good idea to see if any unit or program out there would like to have me as an embed this fall and/or into the first part of next year.  It can be a short-term embed, or it can be 1-3 months. I'm literally up for about anything.