Chairman JCS wrong about former SEALS speaking out
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Another guy who should STFU about bin Laden raid

UPDATE: His name is out, but that is not important unless you are him I guess. There have been a number of misconceptions in the comments about why I think this guy is a jackass. Here is my response.

OK let me be clear. Heh.

I have not said that this guy wrote anything in the book that is inappropriate or violates OPSEC or anything else. My point is that simply writing an insiders tale of the raid is wrong, at least this soon. And it obviously makes it damn near impossible to hold the WH responsible for the numerous breaches of actual security they have committed.

As to the idea that he wrote it to clear up misconceptions, that is unnecessary. Nothing about the raid is really reflecting badly in anyone, other than the end zone dancing. It is unlikely he somehow has advance knowledge that the movie is going to paint the SEALs in a bad light (which is even more highly unlikely). So we are back to a guy deciding to tell a tale when the deal is we tell no tales. That is a blue falcon move because if one guy tells tales, why should anyone else keep quiet.

One of the SEALs from the bin Laden raid has apparently written a book about the operation.

The book, titled “No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden,” was written by a former SEAL team leader who the publisher said was “one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist leader’s hideout.”

He uses a pseudonym, but I know his name and it will likely come out shortly. The bottom line is that doing this makes you a douche of epic proportions. There was whining about how former operators were pointing out that leaks about classified ops were hurting our security. They were called unprofessional, which was unfair. They were not giving out info, they were saying that the giving out of info was a dangerous thing This jackass is going to spill the details of the raid so he can cash in.

Dear Loser,

Enjoy the money, you are now dead to all the rest of us.


(Mostly) Everyone else from the Special Ops community