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Airborne teddy bears for freedom

This is one of the most brilliant examples of guerrilla activity in support of freedom I can recall. Belarus has a crushingly oppressive regime that tolerates free speech and opposition about as well as the Soviet Union did. A couple of folks from a Swedish advertising firm decided to make a point about this using one of the mosy universally beloved icons, the teddy bear. So they loaded a planeful of plush ursine paratroopers bearing messages about free speech and enveloped the Belarussian capital with mirth from above. Beautiful.

Three members of a Swedish advertising firm planned and carried out the operation last month, adorning more than 800 plush bears with signs promoting democracy and denigrating Belarus’s authoritarian government.

Comedic touches aside, the security breach has become a major embarrassment for President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, who has channeled his country’s meager resources into maintaining a calcified police state.

Though the government at first tried to cover up the incident, which occurred on July 4, the many photographs and videos of the bear drop uploaded to the Internet made it impossible to ignore. On Tuesday, Mr. Lukashenko fired two generals: the head of the border service and the head of the air force.

Attaboy Aleksandr, you show those stuffed animals who's boss. His biggest problem is the worldwide conspiracy of fuzzy freedom fighter factories in malls everywhere, Down with Build a Bear. I mean how is an autocratic dictator supposed to squeeze his country dry to build dachas on the lakefront if any 8 year old girl and her friends can start an insurgency at a birthday party.

Mockery is a powerful weapon if properly deployed, this example should be taught at he War College. Bravo!