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$10 might get you an all expense paid trip for you and 5 friends and help wounded warriors too!

One of my favorite charities is having a raffle that is offering one hell of a great weekend.  I’d love to see a BlackFive reader win it.

Here’s the deal for the Armed Forces Foundation:

These days $10 will barely make a dent in your gas tank, but with the help of the Armed Forces Foundation (AFF) and Star Coach Race Tours a 10 spot could score you the VIP treatment at Chicagoland Speedway. Through this exclusive raffle, a $10 ticket will allow you to roll like a celebrity. The winner will enjoy the September 15-16 race weekend aboard a luxury tour bus with all-you-can-eat food & drink, infield tickets to the Nationwide Dollar General 300 & Sprint Cup Geico 400 races, along with a meet-and-greet with driver Kurt Busch.

No adventure is fun solo, so the AFF will fly the winner and five friends to enjoy the weekend’s events. Apart from enjoying the action on the track, the winner will have access to all the amenities Star Coach Tours has to offer—from interior and exterior TV’s complete with gaming systems to personal DJ stylings.

With the proceeds from the raffle benefiting the AFF, you will be directly supporting military families across our great country. The Armed Forces Foundation provides immediate assistance to service members and their families in times of great need, from ensuring mortgages get paid to lodging for family members supporting the recovery of their wounded loved one. The AFF also offers engaging programs to service members and their families to offset the stress associated with frequent deployments.

I’ve told you about AFF before and they’re the folks who put on the great event in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to attend for our wounded warriors. 

The raffle ends August 26, so please go here to buy your raffle ticket.  Hard to beat a free weekend with your own luxury motor coach in the middle of the infield and hanging out with a NASCAR driver.

And I’d bet, if he’s available, Matty O’Blackfive might even be willing to be one of your 5 guests.  If you twist his arm real hard (or have a 6 pack of Guinness in your hand).  Yeah, I’ve just put him on the spot but he’s faced worse adversity than an all expenses paid weekend at the race track in his own home town before.

Get your crew together and all of you buy a ticket.  5 times the chance of winning.  And besides it’s for a great charity and it goes to help pay for all that assistance the AFF provides for our military.  Hard to go wrong.

P.S. Share it with your Facebook friends and ask them to share it.  Help AFF get the word out.


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