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Walter Reed: A Congratulations

Just as bad things need to be called out and corrected, as is the duty of all under the social compact, so to does good need to be recoginzed and rewarded. For without that, there can be no comparison, no challenge, and no change for the better. 

I think anyone who spent time at Walter Reed, especially as a patient, would agree that the doctors, nurses, and basic care were top rate.  Where there were problems, they tended to be on the administrative end, from failing to correct substandard facilities to making life (and paperwork) unnecessarily hard on the troops.  It was a failing, and while acknowleged as a problem, little seemed to be done to correct the problems.

Well, Jonn over at This Ain't Hell just spent a week at the new Walter Reed, and now calls it the happiest place on Earth.  Go read his report, and lets give praise where it is due.  His report is good news, and shows that change can happen, and for the better.