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The gheyest thing I have ever seen

OK this is one of them most awesome train-wrecky pieces of propaganda-like, probable photoshop-zen brilliance I have ever come across. I found this on the FB page of reader AW1 Tim, who asked the reasonable question of whether this was an early picture of our own Matty O' Blackfive "The Paratrooper of Love". Since Matt got out well before the dawn of pink ACUs I am gonna go with no, but he can correct me if I am mistaken.


So the question becomes, WTF is this? Is it real? How was it done? I mean wow, just WOW! If this kid wasn't ghey before this picture was published I think he is now, by force majeure, not that there is anything wrong with that. This is all the more amazing given the start of the Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Stolen Valor tournament over at This Ain't Hell. Which if you don;t know pits the biggest poseurs of the year against each other in a festival of douchebaggery they world has never seen. You need to go over there and just wallow in some of the disgraceful ass-clownishness. If for some reason you are not up to speed on the Norwegian Blue-like former clown prince of poseurs BG Ballduster McSoulpatch, catch yourself up to speed here.

But still, back to this steaming mess of Colonel Pinky ChinPubes, 69th San Francisco Airborne, Air ASS-ault, HALO, Rump Rangers, WTFFF? (French-Fried). Please add your wildest conspiracy theories in the comments, this mystery demands your best insanity to match it.