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Syrian govt free to slaughter until after election

Gee politics are affecting our security policy and innocents can die so they don't affect Obama's re-election. Shocking!

Barack Obama’s US government has warned its western allies and Syria’s opposition groups that it can do nothing to intervene in the country’s crisis until after November’s presidential election, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

Barry the Osama-slayer has all the national security tough guy cred he needs from that awesome shot he made ventilating bin Laden's cranium. So the Syrians need to just give him some space until after his last election he will have more flexibility. Although unless there is some political gain for him, they can continue to die in bunches.

I don't expect, or consider it wise, for the US to intervene militarily every time something bad happens. But it would be nice to think that the strategic concerns of the US were the reason for a decision, rather than the political prospects of a shallow, thin-skinned narcissist in way over his head. Maybe next year.