Rosanne Barr–why are “celebrities” so steeped in ignorance so seemingly proud of it?
Kids of SEALs helping kids of SEALs

Roseanne Barr re-disses the military & disgraces herself

McQ pointed out what a respectful view Roseanne Barr has of the military in the previous piece. She tells a Navy wife that she is on the dole, living off tax$$$ forever. I don't think I have to point out to you folks what a disgraceful, tacky and low thing that was to say. But apparently I do have to point that out to the waste of protoplasm that is Roseanne. McQ suggested that a quick note might be in order, so I sent out a salutation.

@therealroseanne Dear Grotesque Non-Talent, You are welcome for the right to be an absurd assclown- The US Military (on the dole)

Apparently either grotesque non-talent , absurd assclown or both are on her alerts, 'cuz I got this reply.

@Uncle_Jimbo dear military: YOU'RE WELCOME-I PAY YOUR SALARY-i pay 48% in tax-

Perhaps true, but kinda beside the point. The issue is whether the military deserves the pay that comes from taxing grotesquely absurd, non-talented assclowns like Roseanne. I parried with some vintage Obama.

@TheRealRoseanne Dear Taxpaying Non-Talent, You didn't earn that- Barack Obama.

That prompted a confirmation that she thinks the military is made of second class citizens.

@Uncle_Jimbo ur servants, NOT GODS. get it straight

I don't recall anyone insisting on God-hood, but some true colors flying with the reminder that the volunteer warriors who keep us all safe and free are simply servants. I yanked the giant chain she offered.

WOW! On the dole servants . Wanna go 4 parasites? RT @TheRealRoseanne: @Uncle_Jimbo ur servants, NOT GODS. get it straight


How would you like your tea Massah Rosie? RT @TheRealRoseanne: @Uncle_Jimbo ur servants, NOT GODS. get it straight

She offered some advice

@Uncle_Jimbo get some respect for americans

I replied in the affirmative

I have plenty of respect 4 Americans, even no-talent losers like u RT @TheRealRoseanne: @Uncle_Jimbo get some respect for americans.

I gotta admit I lied though, I don't have an ounce of respect for the foul, disgusting, corpulent pustule on the arse of mankind that is Roseanne Barr. It is just tough to make subtle, erudite debating points like that in a retweet.

So go ahead and f**k off now to avoid the rush Ms. Barr. You are not funny, not smart, not respectful & not worth even the time I just spent allowing you to demonstrate what a dung beetle you are. Uh-buh-bye.