July 31 in U.S. military history
Roseanne Barr re-disses the military & disgraces herself

Rosanne Barr–why are “celebrities” so steeped in ignorance so seemingly proud of it?

For the most part, I’m simply not a “hater”.  I try not to allow certain types of people to get into my head.

But there are certainly people I dislike for various reasons.   For instance in my house we don’t say the “F” word.  That would be Fon** as in Jane Fon**.

In this day and age, we have a whole new crop of know-nothing celebrities who seem to revel in their ignorance and are happy to display it to everyone on a fairly routine basis.  Take Rosanne Barr (please!) for instance.  In a Twitter exchange with a Naval officer’s wife, she managed to quickly remove all doubt that she’s familiar with the concept of military service or what it means (or, more likely, is simply showing a side of her anti-military self) and even manages to make the point that she’s unfamiliar with the meaning of the words she uses.  Her misplaced condescension is classic.  It is the wife of the Naval officer who is entitled to be condescending with Barr, given Barr’s comment:




That’s right all you military types out there, you live off the dole.  You’re simply welfare recipients which the government dresses up like trees (or sand or pixels) and deploys to areas where apparently other welfare recipients take pot shots at you and try to kill you. 

Wow, I’ve heard of welfare to work programs, but surely this isn’t what they mean is it? 

So what do you do when one runs across gross ignorance from someone who thinks they’re both intelligent and well spoken?  OK, I said they “think” they are, I didn’t say a thing about that being true.

The point, of course, is you can’t let them get inside your head.  They’re simply not worth it.  However you can give them precisely the LOL their level of intellectual incompetence deserves.  I mean, Barr’s claim is so laughable and so ignorant that you have to wonder why I’m even wasting my time on the crotch-grabbing, national anthem butchering embarrassment.

Well it was a slow day and I thought you might enjoy saying hi to her on Twitter, you know, just to pass the time of day, tell her how much you enjoyed her tweet about the dole and invite her to your next unit reunion.    Because I think she deserves such invitations so she can see what people she claims are on the dole look like.  In fact, maybe we ought to invite her to ICU at Brooke Army Hospital or Bethesda.  I’m sure those welfare recipients would just be beside themselves with joy if she’d show up. 

And then, perhaps those welfare recipients who wear the Medal of Honor might want to ask her to stop by their next little gathering so they too can actually see a real, live celebrity and revel in the glory of her fame.

You know, one of the mysteries of life is how a low-life oxygen thief like Rosanne Barr ever became “famous”.  Or is it “infamous”?


Make sure you thank her for her service, will you?


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