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Kids of SEALs helping kids of SEALs

I was walking through a parking lot today and saw what looked like a kid's drawing reading "Navy SEALs America's Team" on a bumper. Now as part owner of the Packers, I have never liked hearing the CowPokes called that, so I had a positive feeling and headed over to take a look.


I snapped a pic and we were headed into the store when a young man came over and asked if we wanted a couple of stickers. That was our introduction to Naval Special Warfare kids, a group dedicated to helping the children of our operators. I don't need to tell anyone hear about the ridiculously high op tempo for the teams, or the fact that the families move so often that home is more a word than a reality. That takes a toll on everyone and often the ones least ready or able to deal with it are the kids.

NSW kids helps them get tutors for school and counseling and other services to help them handle the life they didn't choose, but were born into. Started by a wife and family who lived this challenge, they are trying to make sure the weight of service doesn't fall too hard on the youngest. What a great idea and one that is truly needed. So let's help them with some donations.

Here is a video talking about what they do and why. Good luck to 'em. We need the families strong, so the pipe hitters can continue stacking dead tangos like cord wood.