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Michael Yon sold as surplus

Yon is attacking Jonn Lilyea, proprietor of the awesome This Ain't Hell, and as usual getting his ass kicked (since there is no way he can rabbit punch Jonn in a bar). He is also hassling TSO and basically making a nuisiance of himself. Since I take the side of good MoFos against wankers, I will add my quarterly repost on Yon and ass-clownery today (back story here). Plus TAH has a nice bit of factual data to tie some of this together.


WOW, you cannot invent someone as douched up as Mikey Yon. Lilyea posted a photo of the wanking device and this is Yon's deranged response.


My Army photo in the previous entry is of unknown origin. It came to me with dark undertones via the malicious milblogger John Lilyea. Someone suggested that this might be what is called an ISOPREP photo, meaning it was taken just before we began planning a secret mission. If this is true, it means someone has stolen secret documents from the 10th Special Forces Group and/or the US Army. From my age in this photo, I would have been in 10th Group. John Lilyea may illegally possess secret or top secret documents. How did he get this photo? Where is the file? Were the files stolen? Did they get hold of the entire mission folder? If they did, that would be some very secret stuff floating around, with all kinds of names and places.

I love how he says "Someone suggested" it might be an ISOPREP photo. That way he can't be caught saying that it is. If it is, it was almost certainly training not a live op. Did you really go on any Secret missions Mr. Yon? Given your well-documented record of screwing the pooch at every level, that is not only unlikely, but ridiculous. That raid you pulled to capture the keys to the drop zone and liberate a couple of boxes of grid squares doesn't count. Read on to know why the idea that Mikey did anything more important than pulling pallet guard is epically comical.

It is a well-known fact that Mike Yon's military career was a debacle, a trainwreck, a sad, sorry spectacle that served as an object lesson (literally) about what can happen when you put paranoid, preening, narcissistic punks in positions that require judgment, maturity, responsibility and common sense. Wow, I could copy that bit for an Obama piece eh? But I actually knew about Mikey by bad reputation long before I knew him by name.

When you graduate the Special Forces course there is a dinner where you are given your Girl Scout hat and sing the Ballad of the Green Berets. Before that dinner our Sr. Instructor pulled all the brand new weapons sergeants aside and told us not to get big heads and start acting like cowboys because back a few years when they still let you join SF right off the street some young punk got his beret and went off and got in a bar fight and punched some guy who hit his head on the ground and died.

That punk was Mikey, and his short and embarrassing stint in SF was over before it even really began. What Lilyea show us is that Mikey was actually classified as Surplus for the last six months of his time.


Surplus (noun)

    An amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate: excess, fat, glut, overage, overflow, overmuch, overrun, overstock, oversupply, superfluity

Well that is a pretty decent description of Mikey I must say, especially the not needed or desired or appropriate and the fat and glut parts, but allow me to add some context. The one thing we never had enough of in Group was people. During the time frame under discussion the entire SF community was woefully understrength (still is and always will be) and that is part of why 18 yr. old children like Mikey were allowed in.

I never once deployed on a team with a full complement of all 12, and quite often we had to borrow specialties from other teams just to have enough dudes to be able to operate. So after graduating he spent about 15 months assigned to Ft. Devens doing nothing much but trying to avoid going to prison for manslaughter. Then he got shipped off to Bad Tolz as still a very junior, completely-inexperienced, sub-FNG, but now in a forward unit with a screamingly high op-tempo. So in Jan of '86 he gets there and by the end of Jan 87, barely a year later, he is off a team and Surplus... Surplus FFS!.

That means he was so useless that an A team would rather deploy without him, and maybe with no weapons guys at all, than take Mikey. WOW! You have to suck at a Thai lady boy level of proficiency to be such a POS that you aren't even worth dragging along just to guard the gear. The best part of these updates is knowing that Mike is now kicking and screaming in a drunken rage and telling his katoy what a lying SOB I am. But you see, he can't do a damn thing about it, because the truth sets me free. If any of this is not accurate, I will trumpet my apology to the heavens while perched on the statue of Bronze Bruce at Ft. Bragg. Not gonna happen though, Mikey sucked, still sucks and will always suck, so help me, me.

I know the guys at This Ain't Hell don't need me to cover them, but they shouldn't have to swat shit-flies all by themselves. Pesky camp-followers trying to raise money on the heroism of others annoy all decent people. Anyhow, while you are over at TAH have some fun with their signature, crowning glory the Ballduster McSoulpatch Memorial Stolen Valor Tournament. Yon isn't eligible because he is not a poseur, just a loseur.