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Friday Free-Floating Flotsam

Some randomness for your perusal.

Carl Prine and some of us here have had  go-arounds, My last was kinda light-heartedly live-tweeting the Milblog conf when I noted how spiffy he looked in his Clark Kent Cool Rays and Men's WearHouse suit (actually Prada and Brioni although I am not sure that makes it better) But when he announced he was leaving his Line of Departure blog because TBI made it impossible to handle, that was sad news period. Well today there is a piece from an editor type that pointed me to one of the most awesome online ass-whoopings I have ever read. In it Carl ripped her a new one regarding some ignorant & infantile, anti-soldier/marine drivel she had vomited onto the interwebs. As a mountaintop-sitting guru of the wicked beatdown, I stand in appreciation and tip my hat for a classic of the oeuvre. Bravo sir, and good luck with your melon.

I have received a couple of pings about this pic showing a purported Israeli Soldier in beach assault gear asking if it is real. As someone whose significant other is a smokin hot US Army officer, I can say Hell Yeah.