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Cyber War and Cyber Defeat

Thunderstruck Iranians?  Personally, I love the idea of this (even thought the RT news site is not exactly my first source for accurate info) - ACDC's Thunderstruck playing on volume 11 on the computers at an Iranian nuke facility on boot up.  About five years ago, one of the guys that worked for me changed our building automation system to kick off Darth Vader's theme when ever my badge keyed open a door.  It was funny the first time...

Next, did the NSA know about Holmes in Aurora, Colorado.  An interesting piece in the WSJ:

Would Total Information Awareness have stopped James Eagan Holmes?

You perhaps remember the fuss. That program by the Defense Department was curtailed when the Senate voted to revoke funding amid a privacy furor in 2003. The project had been aimed partly at automatically collecting vast amounts of data and looking for patterns detectable only by computers...

Because of Holmes presence on the net and being able to coorelate data related to that presence, could the NSA have alerted LE in time...?

I'm sure our resident cyber expert LTSO might have an opinion here.