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Alyona leaves RT for Huffington Post

I have been a regular guest on RT's The Alyona Show for several years now (A playlist of many of the bits here). Arguing with her and riffing on the news has been a lot of fun and hopefully some entertainment in the process. Now she and her producer Jenny Churchill are loading up the truck and moving to Beverly, Hills that is. They will be doing a show for the Huffington Post's new online Live offering and once they are up and running I will be joining them via the internets from time to time. It sounds like an interesting format where they will engage with commenters and other online entities which is right in my sweet spot.

My favorite take on the move is this one noting that Huff Po has hired a Kremlin propagandist.Obviously RT is Russian state-owned and I even had some fun a while back by submitting a show idea to the producers where I would serve as the Ombudsman and Om-Buddy of Vlad on Putin TV. Shockingly they didn't pick it up.

I disagree w/ Alyona on all kinds of very important things, as a look at any of the segments will certainly show. But she is a smart and talented advocate and I respect and like her personally. Plus arguing with pretty women wins over ugly dudes any time. So good luck to her and Jenny and I anxiously await a chance to enage the open-minded and tolerant Huff Po audience. Here is my last appearance on Happy Hour from last night.