Inside the Insurgent Nest
Upholding the law or kowtowing to Karzai?

You know it's bad for the President when....

...the New York Times turns on him for his dithering on Syria and Sudan...Nicholas Kristof, human rights champ and Obama supporter has concerns:

...the president is taking prudence to the point of paralysis. I’m generally an admirer of Obama’s foreign policy, but his policies toward both Syria and Sudan increasingly seem lame, ineffective and contrary to American interests and values. Obama has shown himself comfortable projecting power — as in his tripling of American troops in Afghanistan. Yet now we have the spectacle of a Nobel Peace Prize winner in effect helping to protect two of the most odious regimes in the world.
Obama was forceful in demanding that President George W. Bush stand up to Sudan during the slaughter in Darfur, so it’s painful to see him so passive on Sudan today. When governments turn to mass murder, we may have no easy solutions, but we should at least be crystal clear about which side we’re on. That’s not too much to expect of a Nobel Peace Prize winner...

The left is coming around to the realization that they probably expected too much of the President.  After all, he was given the Peace Prize for actions, not that he had taken, but for actions that he was expected to take...