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Today's leak of classified intel

Dear Obama administration and it's adjunct press offices in the WaPo and NY Times, to quote former Sec Def Gates, STFU!

This round of damage to our national security, courtesy of the WaPo's Craig Whitlock, is exposure of our ops in Africa.

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso — The U.S. military is expanding its secret intelligence operations across Africa, establishing a network of small air bases to spy on terrorist hideouts from the fringes of the Sahara to jungle terrain along the equator, according to documents and people involved in the project.

At the heart of the surveillance operations are small, unarmed turboprop aircraft disguised as private planes. Equipped with hidden sensors that can record full-motion video, track infrared heat patterns, and vacuum up radio and cellphone signals, the planes refuel on isolated airstrips favored by African bush pilots, extending their effective flight range by thousands of miles.

Gee, who might want to expose something like this?

The creeping U.S. military involvement in long-simmering African conflicts, however, carries risks. Some State Department officials have expressed reservations about the militarization of U.S. foreign policy on the continent. They have argued that most terrorist cells in Africa are pursuing local aims, not global ones, and do not present a direct threat to the United States.

And the ass-clowns who keep sticking c-4 under their nads and trying to fly here come from where? That's right, Africa. But hey, actually doing something about that could cut down on invites to sit around the pool and sip mint tea with the local poobahs right?

It is time to toss a few journos and their Obama team allies in the cooler pour encourager les autres.