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Real Heroes and Fake Ones

Stolen Valor act struck down by Supreme Court

In case you missed it in all the hype and coverage about the ObamaCare ruling:

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a federal law that made it a crime to falsely claim being awarded a top military honor, saying the law infringed on the Constitution’s First Amendment protection of free speech.

Fine.  Those are the rules?  Well “free speech” works both ways.

Richard L. Denoyer, C-i-C of the VFW tells you how that works:

“Despite the ruling, the VFW will continue to challenge far-fetched stories, and to publicize these false heroes to the broadest extent possible as a deterrent to others.”

And that’s what everyone should do.  Facts are facts.  They stand on their own.  So if you have the facts, don’t be shy about sharing them with everyone who should know because, as Jan Scruggs says:

“Public humiliation is now the most effective tool to expose the delusional Walter Mittys of American Society.”

Indeed.  In fact it is the only tool available – and that’s fine too.  They may not go to jail, but if the humiliation is done effectively, they may wish they had.


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