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A Fathers' Day Thought

Leakers leak about leak investigation

You simply cannot make shite like this up. Ain't no corruption, like Chicago Way corruption, 'cuz Chicago Way corruption don't stop.

Federal authorities have interviewed more than 100 people in two separate investigations into the public disclosure of classified national security information, the start of a process that could take months or even years, according to officials familiar with the probes.

They can't even let a leak investigation happen without leaking to spin it.

OK follow me folks. Obama team leaks about everything, I mean everything, OK maybe not everything, but way too freaking much. The do all they can do give Barry some street cred, the gutsy caller, the Osama-slayer, the Kill Lister. But then they got sloppy and outed a Brit agent in trying to take credit for catching Nad Blaster II, then on Stuxnet they fronted out the Israelis and told the world we have conducted offensive cyber attacks . Bottom line is they have no morals or ethics at all if they think they can keep O on top.

So when they feel the heat from all of this they decide to put that paragon of ethics and fearless crusader for righteousness Eric Holder on the case. That's right, soon to be ex-Attorney General Holder's Justice Department, which has stonewalled Congress about their own malfeasance/criminality getting US law officers  and Mexicans killed with their gunwalking program, is going to investigate his patron. How do we think that is gonna go? No Special Prosecutor, because that might mean the wrong goats get scaped, and on the White House lawn too.

Seriously, I feel like we are getting played. This level of corruption, coupled with the brutal incompetence and the preening narcissism, wouldn't even pass muster at a pitch meeting for a D movie studio. But we are stuck in this awful flick until November. I am gonna have to just start laughing this off.