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Kimberlin, Rauhauser, SWATting, And Some Further Thoughts On Free Speech

Authors Note:  As with my previous post, this post is mine and mine alone.  It represents only the views of Laughing Wolf and no other author or even of the blog.  Anyone taking exception to it should look to C. Blake Powers, aka Laughing Wolf, and no other.

Aaron Walker was SWATted last night.  Given the lack of mainstream media coverage, you may not know of Aaron and how exercising his free speech has cost him and his wife their jobs and more.  Nor will I say much more than that you should read and learn about him, and how an act of kindness has put his and his family's lives in danger. 

Last night, that went to a new level with a SWATting.  If you are not aware of the term, it means that someone spoofs a call from the victim, in this (and related cases) a claim that they have shot their wife and await the cops arrival (with implied or open threat against the cops).  The goal of this "spoof" is to have a SWAT team respond and at the least subject the victim to the terror of a SWAT raid and at the worst get one or more people killed. 

As I noted previously, it seems that those who write about convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin, associate Neal Rauhauser, and 501(c)(3) charities Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music Project seem to develop problems up to and including being SWATted.  This is not to say that these most interesting people actually did the deed; but, it is most interesting how crossing them leads to threats, intimidation, and what appear to be deliberate acts designed to hurt or kill those that provide honest and accurate information about them and their activities. 

Before I go into more discussion, let me make my opinion clear:  the person (or persons) doing the SWATting is not merely a coward and bully, they are without honor, integrity, and provide the definition of moral and intellectual cripple.  They not only lack significant testes or ovaries, I can state that in my opinion I've met four-year-old girls with a bigger pair than they will ever have.  No one need fear them doing anything face-to-face, for such pathetic creatures would only do so as part of a mob, and even then they will most likely be to terrified to be in the front of the mob.  I sincerely doubt they have the capability to shoot one in the back from a distance, as they must always depend on others for anything other than talk.

That said, this is exactly why I write about the subject here, a military blog.  If you go through military crests, you will see words that often talk about protecting various rights and liberties, and opposing despots and despotism.  If you take your oath seriously, it applies not only overseas, but here at home as well. 

Efforts like this are designed to intimidate, to brutalize, and to destroy those who would exercise their right to free speech.  This is the tactic of tyranny, and has no place in the Republic or the marketplace of ideas.  This I am sworn to fight. 

Since the media is strangely silent about this, I urge you to go read about the people involved and make an informed decision on the subject.  Learn about the interesting history and habits of Kimberlin, Rauhauser, and those that travel with them.  Learn what some do not wish you to learn, to the point they would be happy if people died so that you did not learn. 

Intimidation only works when people do not resist.  Resist:  go read and learn.  Resist:  share the sources and what you have learned so that others may do so. Resist:  shine a light by learning and sharing, and see what tries to scurry off when you do so. 

I do not know who is behind the threats, the intimidation, and the SWATtings.  However, I do find most interesting the common denominators involved. 

Learn about the situation by reading Stable Hand's posts at Jawa; read Aaron's posts; go read Patterico's posts; go read McCain's posts; and, go find the other excellent posts out there. 

Those who seek to disenfranchise one, seek to disenfranchise more -- and it is my opinion that such as these are of the same ilk as those that seek to disenfranchise the military vote.  Even if not, such is a thing we are sworn to oppose. 

Free speech is never free.  It is something bought and paid for in blood by our troops.  It is bought and paid for by the blood of those who continue to speak despite threat, pain, suffering, and loss.  It is bought and paid for by the courage of those who stand against thugs and other tyrants. 

Do you have it in you to make even a token payment by reading and sharing? 

The intimidation and such began in an effort to prevent people from learning about Kimberlin, Rauhauser, and their activities.  In the words of Insty, "How's that working out for ya?"