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If you haven't found the wit and wisdom that is the Duffel Blog, well then, get yourself over there now for some great Onion-esque military reporting.  The latest taste of Duffel:


USS Haditha Accidentally Sinks Fishing Boat, Machine-Guns Survivors

Manama, Bahrain – In a rare setback for the international anti-piracy campaign off Somalia, US Navy officials today admitted that the American warship USS Haditha accidentally sank a Chinese fishing vessel just east of Somalia and then inadvertently machine-gunned the survivors.

This contradicted the Haditha‘s initial report, which said that it had been attacked by seven pirate skiffs and a pair of pirate-operated Miragejets armed with Exocet missiles.

Vice Admiral Mark I. Fox, the commander of the United States 5th Fleet, spoke to reporters following reports that a fishing vessel had been “blown out of the water” by “an unusually well-armed warship that happened to be flying an American flag.”...

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