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Egypt's Islamist President

Not an unforeseen outcome by any means. My good friend Frank Gaffney has said the likeliest outcome of the Arab Spring was the sprouting of the Muslim Brotherhood all over the region. It is interesting to see the fact of the newly sworn in President of Egypt's Islamism acknowledged in the pages of the Washington Post, however.

CAIRO — Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s new Islamist president, took the oath of office Saturday afternoon before the country’s top court, vowing to help build strong, independent government institutions in a country still struggling to overcome its authoritarian past.

In fairness to their political correctness, they do pay lip service to his farcical claims to build strong independent institutions to aid in overcoming the authoritarian past. They fail to note he wants to replace the old tyranny with a theocratic authoritarianism that will make Hosni Mubarak seem like a Sunday school teacher, ooh bad analogy, OK a sweetheart. In an odd, but I think strategic, way I am OK with that. Things have to get worse in the Middle East before they can get better. The people who voted these terrorist-supporting, freedom-crushing, religious fanatics into power need to feel the iron sandal of Islamism on their necks before they will refute them.  I find it fairly likely there will be some major, war-like conflicts over the next few years as this plays out.

Morsi said Egypt would not seek to meddle in the affairs of other countries or attempt to export its revolution to other countries in the region.

Yeah, right.

But he expressed support for Palestinian unity and for Syrians battling an autocratic government.

Of course he has to get them back in the game of battling the evil Joooooos, and he and his Muslim Brother amigos have expressly discussed putting the Camp David Accords with Israel to a vote. Wonder how that will turn out? No I don't. It will result in a de-recognition of Israel's right to exist and things will head downhill from there. Mubarak kept the border with the terrorist-run Gaza Strip sealed. Do you think the now terrorist-run Egypt will care about stopping the flow of weapons to the oppressed people of Palestine? Yeah, me either. He has even publicly asked for the release of the Blind Sheikh who we have in jail for the first World Trade Center bombings. This guy is s true reformer who will bring sweetiness and light and the milk of human kindness.

But hey, Islam means Peace, right? Oh wait, no, it means Submission. Let's see how that works out.