Book Review: Bloodline
There is no US national security interest in a Syrian intervention

Duffle Blog: Mission Accomplished

Soldier screws up Power Point.  War ends.  Only at the Duffle Blog:

...Soldiers mobbed Dining Facilities (DFACs) across the war-torn nation in search of non-alcoholic beer to celebrate the historic event, while back on the home-front, millions of citizens took to the streets in thousands of impromptu ”victory parties.”...

Why? (mobbing in search of non-alcoholic beer...heh)

Because of an enterprising young Specialist:

...At the center of this rapid change of fortune for the US war effort in the country is Specialist Mario Flores, attached to the 21st Civil Affairs BDE, currently deployed to Camp Julien in Kabul.

We tracked down the young soldier and asked him about the now famous briefing slide.

“Well, the other night it was late and I got handed this tasker.  Usually my LT comes in and does the slide, which we then send over to the IJC for the morning brief, but he forgot to come back to work after crashing in the CHU [container housing unit] of this interpreter chick that he’s been banging.  At first I was worried about having to do it myself, but I figured nothing ever changes here, so why worry about it. But then I saw that the blocks in the assessment were all red.  I mean look at this place.”...

To find out what happened go read the Duffle Blog.