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SGT Tim Poe-ser on America's Got Talent

A Recommended Movie Short

Dust Warning

Go to the Real King of France and enjoy.

Couple of notes.  First, I can so see this happening, and it does make one laugh.  Gives me a good idea of what the Blackfive/TAH retirement home might be like.  Also, it gets dusty towards the end.  Second, both the stars of the short are veterans.  David Huddleston served in the Air Force.  James McEachin served in the Army, earning awards for valor in Korea.  One of his personal quotes is purported to be "Next time we need to send troops, let's don't send our soldiers, let's send Hollywood"  It is worth the time to search a bit on his service, as well as his excellent career in music, movies, and writing. To both Mr. Huddleston and "Jimmy Mack" my thanks for all they have done.