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A pitiful argument against wimmen in Ranger school

Disclaimer: I am not a Ranger, nor did I attend the Ranger school. When the rules changed allowing both Special Forces and Ranger tabs to be worn there was huge pressure put on me to attend the school and get the extra, albeit shorter, tab. I strenuously avoided this effort and deployed a number of times to some really crappy places just to avoid going. Ranger school is hard, I already knew how to patrol, go hungry and not sleep, so I didn't see much of a point. Plus the guys from Ranger Up teased me once because I wasn't man enough to wear Ranger panties. Take all that into account.

The latest outrage perpetrated by the man to keep the brothers down is the possibility of wimmen Rangers. Well at least according to an Op-Ed by a guy named Stephen Kilcullen. Now there are some decent arguments about keeping Ranger school boys only, but Kilcullen makes none of them. Instead he pontificates about how allowing women to attend this school will destroy the Ranger ethos and culture, among other horrors. He does so without any logical reasoning, coherent writing or compelling arguments. We are treated to some stunningly pompous prose like this.

It is this culture of excellence and selflessness that attracts young men to the Ranger brotherhood. The Ranger ethos is designed to be deadly serious yet self-deprecating, focused entirely on teamwork and mission accomplishment.

Deadly serious yet self-deprecating? Puh-leaze. That is dreadful, delirious and self-defecating. Let's move on to more of this deep thinking.

Rangers put the mission first, their unit and fellow soldiers next, and themselves last. The selfishness so rampant elsewhere in our society has never existed in the Ranger brotherhood.

I am pretty sure that there aren't any military units that put the individual soldier above the mission. That includes units already tainted w/ estrogen positive soldiers. But wait there is more emasculation waiting to happen.

And that is the secret of the brotherhood's success. Some call it "unit cohesiveness" but what they are really describing is a transition from self-interest to selfless service.

Same idea he deprecated on earlier unsuccessfully. But I always heard it called esprit de corps, but maybe members of the "brotherhood" don't use sissified, girly French phrases. Hey I am sensing a trend here: It is a feeling from deep down in my brotherly parts, a tingling down my leg, and a trembling in my nads. Let's follow my male intuition and Kilcullen's tale of the would-be clubhouse infiltrators.

The notion of allowing women into Ranger School because denying them the experience would harm their careers makes Ranger graduates cringe.

I thought Rangers were bad-asses. But the simple idea that girls would get the chance to suffer too makes them cringe? Wow, I hope that cringing doesn't make them miss what they are shooting at.

So let's see if I get this. The argument is not whether women can do the training, or whether they will receive preferential treatment, or even that the slots should only go to those who will lead small unit dismounted patrols, just that letting them have the same "block check" for promotion a Ranger tab represents will make the real Rangers unable to perform.

As far as the idea that a Ranger tab is a prerequisite for advancement, of course it is. Brotherhoods, fraternities, sororities and clubs all give preferences to the members of their clique. And Esprit de Corps, that pussified idea, is born from shared sacrifice, so it is an understandable reaction to exclude or minimize those who haven't embraced the suck. Ranger school is not limited to only those who will be leading small groups of their brethren on walks in the woods.  So there are plenty of boy Ranger grads enjoying the benefits of that tab come promotion board time. Why shouldn't the girls get the same chance to enjoy a crash diet, point to where they are on a map with a pine needle and answer the question "What are you going to do Patrol Leader, what are you going to do?" with the ultimate answer "Go admin and build a fire", and then maybe compete on a level playing field for advancement if they make it to graduation.

If you want to make the argument that women don't belong in combat, make the argument. If you want to say that only small unit infantry combat leaders should attend Ranger school, or even only those going to the Ranger Regimen, then make that argument. But if all you can do is whinge like a charter member of the He-Man Woman Haters Club, then do us all a favor and STFU!