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"We are what happens when Gold Star Children grow up."

Over at Command Posts (St Martin's Press's blog for military history, current events, and fiction), Gold Star child of the Viet Nam era, Tony Cordero, writes about Sons and Daughters in Touch:

...June 22, 1965, my father became missing in Vietnam. There were pocket communities in the Washington, D.C., area that offered some support, but for most of us, the support came later, in the form of helping other generations...

There's a lot of information there about how the group started to fill the void after Viet Nam. 

Now, as you all are aware, there are more children to support: 

...In the past ten years, SDIT has provided support to Gold Star families that have lost a parent since September 11, 2001, and has reached back through earlier generations to embrace sons and daughters of WWII and Korea, too.

Our message to other Gold Star children is:

This will be with you your entire life. If you want this to be an anchor, it will weigh you down. If you use it as a springboard to inspire you, to empower you, you will be ok.

Go check it out and see how you can support the message and mission of SDIT.