By God it’s time for a parade!
Patrol Briefing

Vegas bound for a Salute To The Troops celebration

This week I will have the honor of accompanying a group of about 50 wounded warriors and their families to Las Vegas as they are treated to a celebration of their service and sacrifice during Armed Forces Week.  Frankly, I’ll be humbled to be in their presence and hope to be able to do justice to their stories. 

Southwest Airlines is picking up the tab for flying all of them from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and then back.  They’ll be staying at the 5 star all suites Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, cost of the suites picked up by the hotel.  Omaha Steaks is also picking up part of the cost and treating the entire company to a luxury cookout on one evening.

The entire event has been organized by the Armed Forces Foundation, which has done a remarkable job, with the willing cooperation of those companies and corporations I’ve noted.  My point?  None of these companies had to do this.  They volunteered their time, equipment and facilities to make what can only be characterized as a dream trip come to fruition.

If you have a chance or a need to use the services of any of these fine corporate sponsors, do. I’m one of those guys who votes with his dollars, and all of these folks get a thumbs up from me.  Again, they’re willingly taking the time and making the effort to honor our wounded and treat them to an unforgettable week all expenses paid.  And if the Armed Forces Foundation isn’t on your radar when thinking of donations, it should be.

Meanwhile I’ll be tagging along and bringing you a look at the events as they unfold.  I look forward to meeting these young men and women and their families.  I had an opportunity to briefly meet some of them last July when Cooking With The Troops did a pig roast at BAMC.  But this will be an opportunity to spend more time with them than then.  I thought they were remarkable people then.  I don’t imagine this week will do anything but bolster that belief.

Look for the reports. 


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