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Two “must read” stories from the Salute Our Troops week in Las Vegas

Stephen Green, aka “Vodkapundit” has one of the most compelling and interesting stories out today, “A Marine and His Dog”.  It is the extraordinary story of Marine Sgt. Kenneth Fischer and his dog Drak, what happened to them and their lives afterward. 

Marine SGT Kenneth Fischer never heard the blast. One second he was on patrol with his drug-sniffing dog, and the next he found himself down on his chest, with most of his right calf gone and a large, V-shaped piece of shrapnel under his vest and inside his right shoulder. Drak, his Belgian Malinois, was on the ground, too, just above Kenneth’s head.

Go.  Read.  You don’t want to miss this one.

Kristle Helmuth tells the story of a young veteran who has a rather unique first for him right there in the pool at the Palazzo hotel.  It’s a fabulous story.

Before I even sat down I was drawn to  a young man relaxing on the steps of the pool, my guess was he wasn't older than 25, a cold drink in one hand, a cigar in the other, not a single care in the world. The more we talked the more intrigued I became by him. Now spokesperson for Building Homes For Heroes he and I had an instant connection, a heart for helping our nation's Heroes. Upon completion of his drink, he politely excused himself and took a swim all the way across the pool where he climbed another set of stairs, and maneuvered his way to the edge.

Read the rest.  It is inspiring.

Kristle also has quite an eye for photography.  Take a look at the incredible photos she took during the Salute Our Troops week.

An incredible week spent with some incredible men and women and their families.  Quiet courage and determination were their strengths.  And a bond of shared common experience that held them together as an extended family.  It was an honor and a pleasure to spend the week with them.


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