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The Necessity of Suffering Miserably in the Name of Equality.....

No, this story, followed by this story is not from the Onion or the Daily Update on Comedy Central...

The USS Illinois, the first Navy submarine to be staffed by an all-female crew, received the support of the White House on Memorial Day.

Please tell me that this is not the answer to the all male infantry battalion.  What the hell is the US Navy thinking?

I know from just my own life that I can't get 5 women in a bachelorette party to agree on the next bar we are going to and then program the address into the Tom Tom without at least one argument, 4 catty remarks about clothes or hair and 10 minutes of backseat driving.  HTF are they going to get anywhere?  

In a recent study I saw in the Discovery Channel, 100 men vs. 100 women parallel parking a Mini Cooper. The average time for men:  1 minute, 18 seconds.  The average time for women:  3 minutes 6 seconds. Now they are going to drive a ship?  A ship without windows, an e-brake, or an automatic transmission.... With 110 backseat drivers.  Sounds like a new reality show to me.

What are they going to do if the ship breaks down?  Press the big blue OnStar button?

My wife told me that the worst thing about being a woman is having woman friends.  Now you are trapping them together in a steel tube?  A big steel tube full of hate, jealousy, snide remarks, catty moods and short showers.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....  Or a whole mess of them.....  On a Fast Attack Boat.....Talk about the ultimate weapon.

I kill myself....   There is so much comedy gold to be mined here that I don't want to crash the server....  

So if you ladies would like to spend 3 months away from home never seeing the sunshine except during port visits (more comedy gold), knowing the time of day it is by the meal being served, and hot-racking while your buddy is on watch, you get down with your bad selves.

Please, discuss amongst yourselves...