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About spiking the bin Laden football (update)

Mother Jones defends Obama from lying liars

I know all of us here at BLACKFIVE consider Mother Jones to be one of the most reputable and respected publications around. So it is especially gratifying for me to be honored by them in a recent compilation of the "9 most compelling arguments about Obama's misuse of the bin Laden raid for political purposes". Oh wait, I must have misread that, it is actually for the "9 Worst Lies Right-Wingers Tell About the bin Laden Raid".

This actually is a telling expose of just how far in the tank O's apologista corps in the media branch of his campaign are. Not only is dissent from the articulated message of martial glory and battlefield accomplishment verboten, but it is classified as a lie by these self-appointed commissars in the the Ministry of Truth. I actually account for two of the nine worst lies by my self. That is Double Plus Good. The author of this drivel is "journalist" Adam Weinstein who apparently served in the Navy or unsuccessfully attended the Naval Academy, it is tough to tell as his bio is kind of vague on the topic.

He has all kinds of journalismy credentials including an M.S. in the subject from Columbia, but he seems to have missed a couple of very basic classes, like what an opinion piece is, or what analysis is, or what actually constitutes a lie. Last time I checked that required deliberately saying something known to be untrue with the intent to deceive, not saying something based on informed opinion that happens to clash with the established hagiography. But hey, who am I to question a solon of the reality-based community like Adam? Oh yeah, that's right I am a subject matter expert on counter-terrorism with sources who would never talk to a buffoon like Adam. Let's get to my "lies" now.

Obama commissioned an opinion poll before ordering the raid.

To tell him what? That the American people might like to see bin Laden brought to justice? According to Blackfive blogger Uncle Jimbo: "John Weisman said in his book Kill bin Laden, and confirmed to me personally, that Obama had a poll taken on the potential fall out if the public found he didn't pull the trigger, and that this delayed the raid while he waited on the answer." Perhaps Jimbo should have noted somewhere that Weisman's book is a novel.

Boy now it all becomes clear to me, I did not know that John's book was a novel. This never came up in the hours we spent discussing the bin Laden raid and other related operations and his reasons for publishing the book as a novel rather than non-fiction. News flash Adam it had to do with protecting sources not because he had any need to make things up. Sadly Obama provides plenty of raw material on his own.

Next we have the information gained from heinously egregious "torture" committed by the Bush crime family.

Torture of terrorist suspects was the only thing that led the US to bin Laden.

Sorry, Dick Cheney, not likely. The increasingly fragile-minded right-wing milbloggers at Blackfive today pointed to Rodriguez' recent account, which argues torture got good intel on bin Laden. "Well strap me to a board and dribble water on my nose, that stuff actually works," Blackfive crowed. Except my colleague Adam Serwer has read the Gonzalez account, and it actually shows that torture didn't work. Which is the same conclusion the CIA's top investigator reached a while back.

I don't recall saying it was the only thing that led to bin laden,let's not let a complete untruth like that get in the way of calling people liars. The coercive interrogation did start the chain of events leading to OBL by identifying his courier and it did lead to info on al Qaeda ops and personnel that were unknown until some folks got wetted. And I read the source documents as well as your buddy Mr. Serwer, maybe the two of you ought to get together for some remedial literary analysis training at Columbia. Nah, that is unlikely to help.

Thanks for the award Adam, I am truly and deeply honored to be improperly, inaccurately and ignorantly called a liar by a man who knows professionally from where he speaks on that topic.