SEALS tell bin Laden slayer to pipe down
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Coercive Interrogation led to bin Laden

All this patting himself on the back may lead to something other than just a pulled arm muscle for Obama. It seems he was not so gutsy in his call, is catching some well-deserved flak from the Special Ops community about possumming a ride on their backs like they are a campaign float, and now it seems that the dread, evil, heinously egregious "torture" techniques he and his weak-kneed allies were all twitterpated about are what actually put us on OBL's path. Oh and Nancy Pelosi lied about not being briefed about all this (Shocker).

In 2004, an al-Qaeda terrorist was captured trying to communicate with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of the terror organization’s operations in Iraq. That captured terrorist was taken to a secret CIA prison — or “black site” — where, initially, he was uncooperative. After being subjected to some “enhanced interrogation techniques” — techniques authorized by officials at the most senior levels of the U.S. government and that the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel confirmed were consistent with U.S. law — the detainee became compliant. He was not one of the three al-Qaeda operatives who underwent waterboarding, the harshest of the hard measures.

Once this terrorist decided that non-cooperation was a non-starter, he told us many things — including that bin Laden had given up communicating via telephone, radio or Internet, and depended solely on a single courier who went by “Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.” At the time, I was chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. The fact that bin Laden was relying on a lone courier was a revelation that told me bin Laden had given up day-to-day control of his organization. You can’t run an operation as large, complex and ambitious as al-Qaeda by communicating only every few months. It also told me that capturing him would be even harder than we had thought.

Armed with the pseudonym of bin Laden’s courier, we pressed on. We asked other detainees in our custody if they had ever heard of “al-Kuwaiti.” Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, reacted in horror when he heard the name. He backed into his cell and vigorously denied ever hearing of the man. We later intercepted communications KSM sent to fellow detainees at the black site, in which he instructed them: “Tell them nothing about the courier!”

Well strap me to a board and dribble water on my nose, that stuff actually works. Of course since I have been waterboarded I already knew that. And in this case, the guy didn't even get the bonus nasal irrigation. But what fun all this end zone dancing backlashe against O and his team of eye-shooting bad asses has been. I wonder what other interesting stuff will come out to rain on his pre-election parade?