Our Afghan Allies
Impressions of my time among heroes

AT3 Pham

During my Truman duty a couple of years ago I saw, walking across the flight deck, laden and bedecked with aircraft tie-down chains, the smallest, most petite, most pint-sized plane captain I have ever seen.  AT3 Pham, an Aviation Electronics Technician assigned to one of the Hornet squadrons in CAG 3, carried her load admirably and, from what I could see, performed just as ably as the other brown shirts on the flight deck.

We passed each other in the passageway one evening, and I had to ask her how tall she was. I can’t remember exactly, but it was something shy of 5 feet.  She was a pleasure and a treat to talk with – I thanked her for her service and told her she was doing a helluva job as I imagined the hurdles (literally, in some ways) she had to go through to succeed in this flight deck Naval Aviation world despite her less-than-Amazonish stature.  She is obviously a tremendous asset to the Navy and our country and is proof, once again, that our strength is in the people who serve.

AT3 Pham

AT3 Pham 2

Thanks for your service, AT3!  And all the rest of you all on the flight deck!