Mountaintop Briefing
Frank Gaffney Show- The War on Terror is over?

You Know, I Often Make Fun of Jimbo...

...well, we all do.  But I admit that I take it as a kind of personal duty to give him crap now and then.

And I've been steadfast in ignoring this Michael Yon stuff these last several years.  I ran into Yon being Yon once in Iraq myself, but I've never said boo about it, and I'm not going to do so now.  Combat environments are stressful, and a certain amount of what happens over there is really just better left there.  If you weren't there, you wouldn't get it; and if you were, you shouldn't have to be told.

But I have to admit, after today's showing:  Jim, I think you may be the first man to kill someone with Zen in like five hundred years.  

My hat's off to you.  This one time, mind.