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Ask An Infantryman - Hitler's Birthday

Vote for the MilBloggies

Voting is now open for the 6th Annual MilBlog Awards...

You can vote for best Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force blogs, as well as Spouse and Supporter blogs.  For the US Veteran Blogs, you should cast your vote for the B5 Farm Team as the boys at This Ain't Hell have worked extremely hard this year (and had a few of their stolen valor cases decide to suck start a 9 mil)...

New proposed TAH tagline:  Jonn Lilyea is probably reaching a higher kill count now with his blog than when he was on Active Duty with his AR.

[There are other greats in the Vet category.  Lex is one of the best writers out of all of us and we lost him this year.  Bouhammer, Commander Salamander, You Served, Argghhh! are all incredible blogs that you should read every day.]