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The Spectre Of Un-Won War.....

I have been ruminating on this for awhile now and I have even chronicled in these very pages here that when the death cult of Political Correctness fires into the beaten zone where the spineless civilian politicians are firing back, we get a rancid stew of weak willed, mush mouth war-fighting that results in fighting wars to not lose them, instead of smashing our enemies back to their component molecules and leaving the smoking rubble to be picked up by the least wounded of our enemies.

And Lief Babin, co-founder of Echelon Front, posits on this and how we seem to be waiting to lose the war in Afghanistan and I can say, having walked the ground myself as well, his assessment is spot on.  He lays out the myriad of possibilities created from this Pandora's Box of excrement sandwiches that has been created by military leaders, diplomats and a president that continue to attend meetings and wander aimlessly hoping for a coherent thought to be uttered so they can take credit for it.

And we, as a country and a society, are all going to have to take a bite.

And now comes word that we gotta be back at the FOB before the solar street lights we gave the Afghans come on, because we have become the juvenile delinquents causing the trouble.  And once again, I can tell you, this is not going to go well.

According to the document, all "special operations" will have to be reviewed and approved by a panel pulled from the Afghan military, government and intelligence services. The definition of a "special operation" is left vague, but appears to apply to night raids as well as other operations that involve going into Afghan homes.

My feeling is that there are probably a lot of smiles over at the conference room in the SCIF when they put pen to paper, but a great deal more "Hell to the No" amongst the players on the ride back to the FOB. Competing loyalties involving familial, tribal, generational, monetary and territorial gains or losses makes this a losing endeavor.  Especially since we are now standing guard over our comrades while they sleep for fear that one or more of the allies we are helping seem to be spending a good deal of time pointing their guns at us and pulling the trigger and not pointing them in the correct direction.

And that murky soup of unclear loyalties is a HUGE deal...

Anyone else want to share the OPSEC stuff with the guys who have been walking up to their counterparts and shooting them?  Anyone want to be part of on operation that we read the Afghans in on that might have ambush elements waiting for us at the LZ?

Yeah, I thought so.  Me neither...

The agreement says Afghan forces will conduct home searches and that U.S. forces will be allowed to enter private compounds "only as required or requested."

So now we just aren't going to actively pursue people that may be in league with the enemy when they are feet up in their living room?  When we show up to kick ass, I have to take Afghan Private Dadullah's word for it that there ain't anything of value inside the compound?  How has that been working for us so far?

The larger geopolitical ramifications here are that, in a nutshell, we are going to have to fight these people again because we failed as an Armed Force and as a country to smash these warts on the posterior of society when the opportunity presented itself aftert they decided to kill 3,000 of our sitizens and then, instead of pressing the fight to ensure their annihilation, we suddenly switched to the Colin Powell "you break it you buy it" style of warfare that not only involved us taken our broken purchase from the store, but we have to fix it, and then mold it and shape it into a perfect statue of ourselves.  What happened to destroying our enemies at a time and place of OUR choosing and since it is "ours" can't I just leave it there? 

And the idea that we are going to conduct these missions after votes or consensus or committee is antithetical to the idea of leadership, especially military leadership.  We didn't need Pakistan's buy in to hit a small compound awhile back over the border, so why are we starting down this road now?  

I say, that if this is the way we are going to play this out; i.e. telling our enemies what we are doing, not addressing the inability to play along that our host nation ally has, and hosting committee meetings to micromanage operations that me and the "6" element could run with a rifle company by ourselves, then we are truly at the crossroads of a key decision point; one that affects the future of our country, and the future of some that don't even understand yet what is going on, like my son, who are likely going to have to fight the next war, based upon our performance in the this war.

And that my friends, is my shame and my nightmare....