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Norks rocket fail

Well that is a sad debut of Kim Young Un's attempt to be as bats**t crazy as his forebears.

(CBS/AP) North Korea's much-anticipated rocket launch ended quickly in failure early Friday, splintering into pieces over the Yellow Sea soon after takeoff.

North Korea acknowledged in an announcement broadcast on state TV that a satellite launched hours earlier from the west coast failed to enter into orbit. The U.S. and South Korea also declared the launch a failure.

Awwww, what a bummer. Smart money says we will see a Nork nuke test soon just to make sure that they can keep everyone jumpy. But for now let's enjoy some much deserved schadenfreude at the expense of the Hermit Troll Kingdom. BWAAA HA HA! Now feed your people you disgusting perverted spawn of megalomaniacal maggots.